Alan Salisbury Ltd. specialise in all aspects of landscaping, from small residential gardens to large scale commercial properties and public spaces, to revitalise and improve your surroundings.

Our landscaping services encompass a number of different elements, which can be tailored to suit your specific needs. These include ‘hard’ landscaping techniques such as concreting and paving, drainage, ponds and water features. Hard landscaping provides a solid structure to your garden and is often the foundations of any major re-design. Those looking for a lower maintenance landscape may choose to incorporate more of these hard landscaping options, such as patios and pathways in favour of large areas of grass.

‘Soft’ landscaping techniques are also employed, referring to procedures such planting, mulching, soil improvements, seeding and laying turf. Once the foundations have been laid, these soft techniques can turn your garden into your dream landscape. Soft landscaping also offers scope for low maintenance gardens, for instance by putting in to place irrigation systems that ensure plants are well watered, or choosing the types of plant life used with this in mind.